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At Ru Vango Winery, history unfolds like a seductive dance, where the revered Mondavi and visionary Mahoney Families converged.  Mahoney, known as the ‘maestro of Pinot clones,’ sowed Carneros’ destiny in 1972, planting the vineyard on what was then Carneros Creek Winery.  His handpicked clones, chosen with an almost lover’s touch, still thrive in our soil, their roots entwined in a timeless embrace. In 2004, a new chapter began with Michael Mondavi, infusing the estate with passion and charm. For a decade, Ru Vango Winery thrived as a sanctuary of exquisite wines and opulent experiences until 2014.


Our Winery

Ru Vango Winery Tasting Room is located in Napa Valley in the Carneros AVA. The Carneros District is the southernmost grape-growing region in Napa Valley. The fog and evening breezes off nearby San Pablo Bay make the Carneros AVA the coolest wine producing region in the valley, ideal for growing Chardonnay and Pinot Noir.

We offer a curated collection of fine art exclusively featured in our art gallery provided by Winn Slavin Fine Art Beverly Hills. Each piece is handcrafted by Sir Daniel Winn. His unique “existential surrealism style profoundly communicates the inherent dichotomy between reality and perception between the physical and spiritual realm. His technical proficiency sets him apart from other contemporary artists. Come join us and experience this journey yourself!

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In 1972, a symphony emerged from Prohibition’s quietude, a crescendo of flavor in the Carneros Region’s wine renaissance. Vintners, like alchemists, spun Chardonnay and Pinot Noir into liquid poetry. Carneros, nestled in the cradle of San Pablo Bay’s whispered secrets, birthed a sanctuary for these cool-climate jewels.  Amid the heady embrace of the 1980s and 1990s, Carneros cast its spell upon devotees. Nature’s tender touch, clonal craftsmanship, and meticulous artistry intertwined, transforming vineyards into an unrivaled treasure trove of taste. Within bottles, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir danced, each sip a seductive beckoning to uncover the enigmatic stories woven deep within Carneros’ very grapes.

Fish Friendly Farming

Ru Vango Winery is now certified by the California Land Stewardship Institute as Fish Friendly Farming and Napa Green Certified Land.

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